ScreenshotIt soon became apparent that the mobile home which had once been sufficient enough for Archie and Nick was no longer enough.  Grace had more or less moved in as the day of her and Nick’s wedding grew closer. Carmella was also a regular visitor to the Macey home as she and Archie had grown closer over time until finally giving in to their mutual attraction and becoming a couple.

One rare afternoon the brothers found themselves with just each other for company.Talk turned to their old childhood home in Sunset Valley. It had been built by their great-grandfather who had moved to the valley after coming into a sum of money. It had been such a beautiful home located by the sea,the additions made by each generation telling a unique story.It was a sad day when news had arrived to say an earthquake had destroyed everything. They had grown up knowing of the story of their family and the legacy responsibility which came with it. Each generation would see the chosen one carry on the family name and everything they stood for. Their mother had been the last appointed heir, yet to choose which of the brother would carry on the family name. They were still teenagers themselves and adulthood still seemed so far off.After Archie and Nick found themselves all alone in the world thoughts of the family legacy were far from the front of their minds.

“So you are saying you found all the family diaries in the safe when you went to the city to get great-grandma’s ring for  Gracie?” said Archie leafing through the old leather notebooks before him.

“Yeah. I didn’t know they had survived. I thought they must have been lost when the house was destroyed. Mum must have put them there just in case the house burnt down or something.” said Nick.

“You know,” said Archie thoughtfully “This could be a sign. Maybe it’s time we did as Mum, our grandparents and great-grandparents wanted and carried on the family legacy. Okay, the Macey’s may no longer live in Sunset Valley, but there’s no reason we can’t do as great-grandpa did and make our mark on Apaloosa Plains. This glorified caravan really isn’t a great home when you look at it. Maybe it’s time we thought about building a proper home. We’ve more than enough money to do it.

Nick looked at his brother, silent before breaking into a smile.

“I think you are right bro’. We could build a fantastic house here. Best one in town!”

Things moved on swiftly from there. Plans were drawn up and building work soon began. The aim was to finish work and move in by the time of Nick’s wedding. With just a week to spare Archie, Nick, Gracie and Carmella moved into the new white brick, four bedroom house. There was still considerable work to be done in the grounds, only the driveway and fountain at the front completed, but for now with the wedding upon them the fact their new home was complete was enough.

Screenshot-11Nick and Gracie’s wedding was a private and quiet affair.It seemed logical to hold it in their new surroundings. Archie was proud to be Nick’s best man, whilst Carmella who was now extremely close to Gracie had acted as chief bridesmaid. The day was tinged with sadness for the brothers who wished their own family had still been alive to share the day.

Screenshot-7During the small reception party, Nick pulled Archie to one side.

“I need to talk to you.” he said looking extremely worried.

“It’s not bad news is it?” asked Archie worriedly observing his brother’s stricken expression.

“Well that depends how you define bad. It’s about this whole legacy thing. I don’t want it.” he said flatly.

“What do you mean? Don’t want it!”

“I don’t want to be the one who is given the responsibility of being the heir and all  that….You know all the stuff mum used to tell us about this whole family legacy thing. You deserve it so much more.I mean, the house being built and everything is because of you,so you deserve to be the one who gets to stay here for good.You and Carmella are strong and I dare say are for keeps, she’s got her business up and running here.It makes sense. I’m not turning my back on you or mum, just the responsibility of the legacy. I bet mum would have chosen you anyway.” said Nick barely pausing for breath after this speech.

Archie struggled to take in what he was hearing. He and Carmella had been discussing their future plans. They were so sure once married Nick and Gracie would want the house to themselves and it would be left for Archie and Carmella to set up home elsewhere. Now, here was his brother handing everything over to him.

“But what about you and Gracie?” asked Archie finally.

“Well her dad has said one day the farm will be passed to us, but for now we’d like to stay on at the house with you and Carmella if you don’t object,that is.”replied Nick.

“Object? The house will always be your home as much as mine. ”

“So that’s agreed? You will be the one to carry on mum’s wishes? said Nick.

“Yes, if that’s what you want. Actually I think I am looking forward to the challenge.” said Archie half excited and half wondering what he was about to take on.

Screenshot-12With the excitement of the wedding over and the building work on the house complete, life settled back into some kind of normality. Becoming the latest Macey heir really hadn’t changed anything. Archie still did most of the day to day running of their growing business, whilst Nick’s writing career was starting to take up more time as it took off. Whilst his brother was enjoying wedded bliss, Archie was enjoying a blissful life with Carmella. It was a lovely summer evening when he decided to take Carmella for a picnic at the highest point in town. Finding the prettiest  spot they sat down on the blanket, marvelling at the view of the  town below.

“I’m so happy Archie.” said Carmella with a sigh. “I wish this moment could last forever.”

Archie smiled to himself knowing what was about to happen.

Screenshot-14They were packing up the picnic basket when suddenly Archie dropped down on his knee in front of Carmella.

“What are you doing?” asked Carmella,taken aback.

“Well I was just wondering whether you might like to become  my wife…..Carmella Mazzanti will you marry me?”

Screenshot-17A delighted squeal and a resounding cry of “Yes” rang out across the hills. Of course she’d marry Archie.

A new chapter in the Macey family had just begun.

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Forming Futures

It took time, but gradually Archie and Nick settled into their new lives.

Screenshot-10Archie threw himself into his love of music

Screenshot-11Whilst Nick concentrated on his writing career.

After the turbulent few years since the devestation which had ripped their family to pieces the brothers took great comfort in this new more sedate way of life.

Being the young, unattached men they were the thought of love was never far away. As luck would have it the annual country show was about to take place, so on a whim Archie and Nick decided to head along in the hopes of meeting a young unattached farmers daughter, or at least something very similar.

Screenshot-6Nick was the lucky one that day. He’d noticed her in the catering tent, then later on by the horse show ring, but didn’t manage to properly introduce himself to her until later on when they were both watching the dog agility competion. Despite being the quieter brother, Nick decided for once to seize the opportunity before him and sidle up to the girl who had piqued his interest all day.

“She’s even more beautiful close up.” he thought as he introduced himself.

Her name was Gracie Loveland, she was an Apaloosa Plains girls born and bred. If ever love at first sight existed it was now. They talked and laughed all afternoon like old friends, rather than people who had just met.

Screenshot-8It was no surprise that they ended the day with a kiss. As the evening fireworks of the county show lit up the night sky, fireworks lit up the hearts of Nick and Gracie.

Screenshot-7Things developed quickly between the two. Nick discovered just how kind and loving Grace was. She was a sensitive soul who had cried many tears as Nick told the story of how he and his brother came to be living in Apaloosa Plains. In turn Gracie told Nick how she had been badly hurt in a previous relationship and it had made her wary of forming close bonds with men. Nick was her first boyfriend since and even though she was scared of being hurt, there was something about him that bound her to him. They spent most of their time together and Gracie was soon a semi-permenant fixture at their house, or rather ‘mobile home’.

Screenshot-9To Nick it seemed logical the next step in the relationship should be to ask Gracie to marry him. If life had taught him anything it was to take a chance before it was lost. So, one summer evening, armed with the ring which had belonged to his great-grandmother (fortunately the family jewels had been kept in a safe in Sim City), also called Grace he asked his Gracie to be his wife. He was ecstatic when she said yes. Could life get any better?

Screenshot-4Meanwhile, what was happening to Archie? It seemed cupid’s arrow had hit him too, although he was a little slow to realise it. The brothers decided in order to make a bit extra money they would rent out stabling and fields for people to keep their horses. In a place like Apaloosa it seemed a great idea. Soon enough they had a telephone call from someone wishing to rent out a stable. Carmella Mazzanti arrived the same afternoon. She was a beautiful girl with stunning mediterrean features. Archie felt his heart flutter as he discussed stabling arrangements with her once she decided theirs would be the perfect place to lodge her beloved white steed, Diamond.

Screenshot-12With Carmella and Diamond around it would be only a matter of time before, like his brother, Archie too would find himself planning a future with the perfect girl for him.

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A New Life

ScreenshotArchie and his brother Nick stood surveying the large expanse of land before them. This was the start of their new beginning,  their new life in Appaloosa Plains. The past decade had seen more heartache and change than most people see in a lifetime. They had spent a happy childhood growing up in Sunset Valley in a lavish home surrounded by family and friends. Their family had a long history in the valley ever since their great grandfather, Sebastian had decided to set up home there.

When Archie and Nick reached their 16th birthday they had received the most wonderful surprise. Their parents Sam and Alisha presented them both with tickets for a trip of a lifetime around the world. Saying goodbye to their family and friends, little did they realise that this was going to be the last goodbye.

Just days into their arrival in China news filtered through of the life changing disaster which had hit Sunset Valley. A huge earthquake had hit the valley completely destroying the town and countless lives with it. Amongst those lives had been all of Archie and Nick’s family.

So now Archie and his twin brother Nick were the only surviving Macey’s. After spending the intervening years at boarding school and university in Veronaville they had decided to do as their great grandfather had done and start a new life. Unable to face returning to Sunset Valley they made the decision to move to Appaloosa Plains, a small town in the middle of nowhere, a place where they had no history.


Fortunately the brothers had inherited a significant sum of money. Rather than buying a completed property they decided to do as their great grandfather had done and buy a plot of land. The largest plot for sale in Appaloosa was a large field with just a small stable in one corner. It was perfect, so a mobile home was bought and placed in the field. Eventually the brothers hoped to built a home as fantastic as the one their family had owned back in Sunset Valley. This was to be a new era of the Macey’s and no matter where they were they hoped to leave their own lasting legacy to the family name.


In reality I lost my original legacy game. I didn’t want to just end the story of the Macey’s so decided to carry it on by building sims as close to Archie and Nick as possible and explaining the new location as best I could.

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The Macey’s Reloaded.

I know it has been a very long time since I last updated this sims story. I am only just getting back into playing The Sims after nearly a year out. Basically what happened was I injured my back, meaning I was unable to sit in front on a computer for even a few minutes. My back still isn’t fixed, despite various treatment, but I can now at least sit in one position for short periods. Also I lost my legacy family after my game files messed up, I did consider just ditching The Macey’s but in the end I have decided to carry the story on, although there will be a little poetic license to explain the absence of previous characters.

The story is going to pick up from Archie and Nicholas as young adults and carry on from there.

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The Trip of a Lifetime – Part 1

The date of the trip loomed. There seemed to be so much the boys had to prepare before their departure. Alisha spent much of the time fretting over what she had heard Archie saying and kept warning the boys to “be careful”, hoping that they would realise what she really meant.

Nicholas spent much of the time before the departure in the local library researching the places he and his brother would be travelling to.

They had decided the first place would be China. They wanted to visit the place their grandparents and Uncle David had once spent time whilst their mum was away at school. Grandma Prue had sold the house shortly before she died so it meant that Archie and Nicholas would be staying in a hostel.

The journey to China was long and when the boys arrived late in the afternoon they wearily made their way to the hostel Nicholas had found on the internet. The room was basic but the view was pretty good of the rolling hills which surrounded the town. Too tired to even think of exploring they laid sprawled on their beds flicking through the tourist leaflets they had picked up from the reception desk. That night both went to sleep wondering what adventures would await them.

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Life Goes On

I don’t mind admitting that I struggled after losing both my parents and longed for some privacy to grieve alone, but with children and a husband around it was hard. One afternoon David invited me over saying he needed to talk. I thought I was going to have to do the whole big sister comforting her little brother bit, but I was mistaken. We sat and talked about Dad and Mum and how strange life felt without them. David handed me an envelope and I immediately saw Mums handwriting spelling out my name on the front.

“She asked me to give you that when anything happened.” said David.

David went to make us fresh coffee, leaving me alone to open the envelope in private. Inside was a letter.

My dearest daughter, Alisha,

If you are reading this then it means I am no longer here. I am so proud to call you my daughter and with your father and I no longer here I know you will make a fine head of the family and carry on the Macey name to a fine and proud future. Enclosed in this envelope you will find a cheque. I know you refused when I offered before but I would be so happy to know you have used it to create yourself you own space to let your artistic flair show. You are more than a wife, mother, daughter, head of the family, you are a person  and like all people need a space to call your own. I know how hard it can be when you are trying to juggle all of your roles and responsibilities, so please think about it. Create your own studio, I gave David the plans I had drawn up for the idea originally. Think of me as you paint and sculpt, remember the good times, but don’t dwell on the past.

Your loving mother

Prue Macey

My eyes filled with tears as I read the letter, my mother was still advising me from beyond the grave. I knew she was right, especially as I had been wishing for a bit of privacy. David brought the plans out and a few weeks later I had my own little underground studio. It was pretty basic, just a room big enough to paint and sculpt and a small bathroom off from it, as the household bathroom was a few floors above. The best thing though was it was here I could escape from my family (as much as I loved them) and grieve my losses in private.

Working underground meant I was in ideal conditions to sculpt using ice. I even made ice sculptures of Sam in funny poses.

The next thing we had to sort out once the studio had been built was my mother’s bedroom. After Eva and Greg moved out she had moved into their old room. Since her death it had stood empty and unused. The boys were rapidly approaching their teens and it seemed unfair to make them share one small room when there was a huge one just gathering dust. With Sam’s support I completely redid the room for the boys to move into. It was bright and cheerful and gave the boys plenty of room to mess around in. They loved it when I showed it to them.

My boys bring so much joy to my life. Despite being so very different they are very close, Nicholas will quite happily sit reading whilst Archie plays the latest video game. I think in a way their opposite personalities compliment each other. Archie seems to give Nicholas the courage to try things he might otherwise shy from, and in turn Nicholas seems to know how to prevent Archie from pushing his luck that one step too far.


It felt like only yesterday I had brought two gurgling blue bundles from the hospital, yet here I was now preparing for my babies to become teenagers. We decided to treat the boys to pizza and birthday cake before letting them go off with their friends for the evening (Helga’s Cove I bet). I took one last look and gave a wistful sigh as my boys blew out their candles.



My boys looked so grown up as we gave them their presents. We had decided to encourage Nicholas with his writing and bought him a top of the range laptop so he could write on the move. He idolises David and his success as a writer, but Nicholas says he’d love to be the one who takes books and puts them on the big screen, or write plays. I see a possible career as a theatre director looming.

As for Archie we caved in and bought him a keyboard and music lessons. He was so excited when, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being a musician of some kind.

We had one final surprise for our boys. After talking Sam and I had decided it would be nice if the boys could see some of the world and experience new things away from the Valley. So we’ve bought them a couple of decent tents, a camera each and tickets to China, Egypt and France. The boys could hardly believe it when we told them. So we sent them upstairs to see the evidence for themselves, as that was where we had left the tents and camera’s.

Sam and I sneaked upstairs and listened to the boys excitedly cheering and talking at a million miles an hour as they realised they really were going on an adventure.

“I’m going to have to get travel books from the library.” said Nicholas excitedly.

“Never mind that bro, what about the girls, we’re gonna meet loads of them…. and they won’t be able to resist two fit young guys.” replied Archie.

I frowned a little at this, hoping Archie wouldn’t get himself into trouble. Sam saw my expression and insisted that they’ll be fine. I know Sam is right and I guess with my history I can’t really judge them. Just please boys, don’t make me a granny before I’m old.


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The Last Goodbye

Following dad’s death, Mum was inconsolable. To be honest I think she just kind of gave up. She kept going on about “getting things in order.”

One day she arrived home with two packages. She called me into the sitting room saying she wanted to speak to me alone. She started by saying how proud Dad would have been of everything I had achieved and how my life had turned out despite a shaky start.

“I went over to the old house today and I’ve brought back something I’d like you to have.” she said tearing the paper from the packages.

“These are two portraits of your grandmother Poppy, painted by her great aunt. This one is just after I was born.” she continued pointing to a photo of my grandmother Poppy holding a small infant, my mother.

It was the most touching gesture since my dad handed over the legacy to me. I proudly hung both pictures in the sitting room a reminder that my mother’s side of the family would always be just as important as my father’s side.

The boys were growing up fast. Nicholas loved to spend time with Mum reading. Mum joked that she wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being a writer, just like my brother David.

Archie, on the other hand doted on his dad and really missed Sam when he went away for games.

My little babies weren’t to stay that way forever, no matter how much I’d have loved them to. Soon their birthdays approached. We kept it to just the family, David and his family were away in on his latest book to movie project. Eva and Greg were holidaying in Egypt, so it really was just family. I didn’t mind, it felt kind of bitter-sweet holding a party without dad being there. As it was a nice day we took a table out into the garden and surrounded it with balloons. It seemed that in a blink of an eye my baby boys became little boys.



It was amazing how quickly their different personalities became apparent. It seemed Nicholas certainly had somehow developed David’s love of writing, spending hours tapping away on the computer creating fantastic tales. I guess it was no surprise really, given that David had written a short series of books using my two boys as the main characters who had fantastic adventures. Nicholas loved being in his uncle’s books and constantly begged him to write more.

Archie loved music, just as much as when he was a baby, even more in fact. He often listens to me playing the grand piano and is already begging Sam and I for music lessons. We’ve told him that if he works hard at school and works hard developing skills he’ll need when he’s older we’ll think about it and maybe buy him his own guitar next birthday. He says he wants to be famous just like Sam, but not a footballer.

My two boys seem to be complete opposites.

Now the boys are older I’ve taken up painting again. I was busy painting in the sun room when mum came in. I should have guessed there and then that something was wrong.

“You’ve such a talent Alisha. Your dad and I, we loved to paint. Such a shame you haven’t your own space, a studio to paint and sculpt in.” (I have recently taken up sculpting too).

“I wish we had the room Mum, but the boys will be wanting their own bedrooms soon enough instead of sharing. Plus I’m not sure we can justify spending money on extensions with two children to feed.” I replied.

“What if I could help out? I’ve sold the house in China and nothing would make me proud than if you build yourself a little studio. I’ve already had a contractor over and he said it would be easy to build a little basement studio under the existing basement.” she said excitedly.

“Mum, no. I can’t, it’s too much.” I replied.

“Please Alisha, I’ve already given David and Maisie a share of the money from the house sale, so here is some for you too.”

I refused telling Mum to do something special for herself with the money.

Sadly mum never got the chance to do anything with the money as she passed away a couple of weeks later in her sleep. I think she’d just got to the point where she wanted to be with dad again. The hardest thing is that I had to deal with it alone, Sam was away with the team and couldn’t get back straight away and David was still away. When Sam finally got home, I just fell into his arms sobbing. All I could think about is the wasted time I’d been apart from my parents when I was at Lowood Eyre, time I’d never get back.

The funeral was a small but dignified affair as we finally laid her to rest beside dad. We’ve made the grave looks at beautiful as possible with flowers and a cupid statue to represent the life long love shared between mum and dad.

Daniel and Prue Macey, may you rest in peace.




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